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Mission Statement of Laskin Therapy Group: 

"To have an unprecedented level of service to clients and their
families in a relaxed, caring environment"


Laskin Therapy Group grew out of its founder's aspiration to offer a multidisciplinary facility for children where the clinical needs of our clients could be best met. Secondary to that was the desire to be a place where therapists could have their professional and personal requirements met simultaneously, fostering the growth of our therapists so they in turn can provide the best service for the child.

At Laskin Therapy Group, our team of therapists works closely together to ensure that the needs of the 'whole' child are being met.  Therapy is designed to promote maximum stimulation for skill development.

Our group of highly qualified and dedicated professionals carefully evaluates, plans and implements a customized treatment program designed to meet the specific needs of the families with whom we work and ease the challenges of daily caregiving.


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Occupational Therapy

Feeding/Swallowing Therapy

Augmentative/Alternative Therapy 

Speech/Language Pathology

Physical Therapy



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