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Differing rates of maturity, environmental experiences, and interest levels are all factors that can influence children’s early attempts and success in copying letters.

Prerequisite skills that must be developed prior to handwriting instruction include:
 small muscle development
 eye-hand coordination
 the ability to hold writing utensil
 the capacity to form basic strokes smoothly, such as circles and lines
 letter perception including the ability to recognize forms and notice likeness and differences
 right and left discrimination

*If your child has difficulty with any of the above areas, an occupational therapist can help your child to develop their skills to be ready for handwriting.

Handwriting Readiness Developmental Chart

Performance Task Age Level
Scribbles on paper 10-12 months
Imitates horizontal, vertical, and circular marks on paper 2 years
Copies a vertical line, horizontal line, and circle 3 years
Copies a cross, right oblique line, square, left diagonal line, left oblique cross, some letters and numerals, and may be able to write name 4-5 years
Copies a triangle, prints own name, copies most lowercase and uppercase letters 5-6 years

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