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Our occupational therapists collaborate with families, physicians, and other therapists to increase children’s performance of everyday skills. We use everyday activities such as handwriting, buttoning, and purposeful play to treat children with varying deficits and needs. Treatment can improve a child’s participation in school, home, and play.

Occupational therapists incorporate various treatment techniques through purposeful play to help children achieve their maximal potential through the development of skills in the areas of:



  • Fine Motor: using small muscles in forearms and hands in coordinated movements to appropriately engage and manipulate the environment. Examples: cutting, in-hand manipulation, handwriting, pencil grip
  • Visual Motor Integration: coordinating vision with movements of the body. Examples: handwriting, throwing at a target
  • Self Help: performing personal care activities.
    Examples: clothing management, money management, feeding
  • Sensory Processing: processing everyday sensory input in order to function appropriately in environment.
    Examples: ignoring irrelevant sights, sounds, and sensations to appropriately and safely participate in situations such as staying seated in classroom, crossing the street, tolerating physician exams, playing on playground equipment, eating a typical diet
  • Cognition & Attention: following simple commands and maintaining focus to complete tasks. Examples: understanding spoken or written instructions and appropriately performing and increasing concentration


(Understanding Autism)

(Living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder- The Preschool Child)

(How to Pick a Toy: Checklist for Toy Shopping)

1. Handwriting

2. Developmental Milestones (pdf)

3. Interactive Metronome

4. Sensory Processing Disorder



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