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Laskin Therapy Group’s physical therapists use a variety of treatment techniques to allow your child to reach their maximal functional potential within the home, school, and/or community settings. Our goal is to address your child’s strength, balance, coordination, and overall mobility needs through the use of fun and playful therapeutic intervention, carried out by a licensed physical therapist. Our physical therapists can help your child in the areas of:

·         Gross motor skills (rolling, sitting, walking,   etc.)

·         Balance and coordination

·         Strength and endurance training

·         Neuromuscular function

·         Environmental adaptations

·         Orthotics (bracing for legs, feet, etc.)

·         Mobility needs (wheelchair, walker)

·         Seating/Positioning needs


“Here is a sneak peek of the equipment we use here at Laskin!”

  Therapeutic Exercise System (TES)                                                                     Pediatric Treadmill


In the TES, a child can be supported with the
use of bungee cord assistance for more independent performance of various balance/coordination skills
and dynamic strengthening activities.

Our pediatric treadmill has the potential to pace at slower speeds (as low as 0.1 mph), vary in incline of 1%-15%, and go in forward and reverse directions with the support of pediatric height handrails.



If you or your child’s physician/nurse practitioner feels that your child could benefit from skilled physical therapy services, please do not hesitate to contact Laskin Therapy Group today for a physical therapy evaluation and treatment as needed.


Occupational Therapy

Feeding/Swallowing Therapy

Augmentative/Alternative Therapy 

Speech/Language Pathology


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