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Laskin Therapy offers:

Brief analysis to determine if further assessment is needed in the areas of speech (includes sound production, stuttering and voice quality), language, vision, sensory integration, fine motor, visual perceptual, and hearing.

Comprehensive assessment of the following areas: language, articulation (sounds), voice, fluency, oral motor skills, feeding/swallowing, processing, sensory integration, and visual perceptual skills along with fine and gross motor skills.

Treatment to remediate/develop skills in any areas found to be disordered delayed through the comprehensive evaluation.


We offer parent and teacher workshops that focus on various topics such as (but not limited to): facilitating language, literacy, and social skills in infants and young children. When to be concerned and warning signs are always discussed. Handouts and other materials are provided for later review. Videos, group activities, and group discussions are also implemented to provide colorful examples.





Occupational Therapy

Feeding/Swallowing Therapy

Augmentative/Alternative Therapy 

Speech/Language Pathology

Physical Therapy



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